The Glass mode

This mode is called by '-m glass' or '--Mode glass'. It shows a small random collection of your favorite albums on a row with a glassy effect:-

You can change the default values with the following switches:-

Album number

The script shows 7 randomly selected albums by default. If you want more or fewer albums than that, use '-n' or '--AlbumNumber'. The size of the albums will change to fit the canvas size.

Offset and end point

These two parameters control the reflection effect. The effect is obtained by a using a linear gradient which starts fairly light and finishes black. The starting value of the gradient is the offset, a number between 0 and 100, with 100 making the beginning of the reflection as bright as the original image. The default offset is 40. Use '-r' or '--Offset' to change it.
The end point is the point at which the reflection becomes black, i.e. the gradient reaches zero. This value is given as a percentage of the image size. The default is 75, i.e. at 3/4 of the picture the image has gone. Change it with '-d' or '--EndPoint'.